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Lancair Legacy in flight at sunrise

Starflight Throttle Quadrant

Throttle Quadrant 2009 Photo

This stylish, precision throttle quadrant was custom designed for Starflight’s Lancair Legacy Cockpit though it can be easily incorporated in other aircraft. The throttle quadrant comes with four levers – throttle, propeller, mixture, and a fourth control for ram air, turbocharger, or parking brake.  The throttle quadrant is easily reconfigured for 3, 2, or 1 lever for conventional or FADEC systems using appropriate sized spacers included. Top quality, all aluminum construction -- even the knobs are machined from aluminum and anodized for correct color. Special no fatigue friction control system.  Requires at least 3.5” console width for installation.

Photo above shows polished aluminum knob for throttle lever -- but, now only available in black anodized throttle knob. If you'd really like a polished one it's easy enough to do yourself...  Throttle Quadrant Photo 2

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