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Lancair Legacy in flight at sunrise

Starflight Rudder Pedals
These rudder pedals have been designed and optimized for the Lancair Legacy -- though they are easily integrated into other aircraft. They are overhead mounted, pilot adjustable and provide very precise, smooth rudder and brake control. The overhead mounting eliminates the need for floor boards and significantly improves pilot leg room. Pilots can even stretch out their legs, passing underneath the pedals, on those long flights. Pilots of all sizes can easily adjust for leg length by turning a small crank just behind the instrument panel. Brake master cylinders not included. Note: photo below does not show rudder cable tubing inside s-tube guide which is included with the mechanism.

Starflight Rudder Pedal Mechanism 2009 Photo Installed

The Starflight Rudder Pedals resolve the weaknesses of the Legacy floor mounted adjustable pedals and the overhead mounted rudder pedals. Click here for a summary of weakness of those rudder pedal mechanisms and a summary of the choices available.

Various anodizing colors are available to allow pilots and builders to customize their rudder pedals with the interior color scheme of their aircraft. Choose from silver/clear, gold, blue, red, or black (black pedals not included in photo below).

The Starflight Rudder Pedals completed development in 2007 and are currently in production. The prototype was tested by Ron Jones, in his "Blue Streak" Legacy. Ron is a former USAF aviator and current United Airlines 777 Captain. Final design adjustments were made based on Ron's testing completed in the Summer of 2007.

Dual Starflight Rudder Pedals installation
Starflight Rudder Pedals provide lots of leg room


Pilot Adjustable Pedal Position
The rudder pedals fore/aft position is easily adjusted by turning a small crank hidden just behind the instrument panel's lower edge. Over six inches of adjustment is available to the pilot. This allows pilots of all sizes to get their optimum rudder pedal position. This also allows the pedals to be moved out of the way during cruise flight to provide more room to stretch legs. Each pilot may position his/her rudder pedals to the perfect position for them.
Precise Smooth Control
Precision bearings are used to interface all moving parts providing very tight, accurate control -- less than 5 thousands of an inch tolerances. There's no slack or "jiggling" of components.
Improved Leg Room
Pilot leg room is significantly enhanced by getting the mechanism attachment off the floor. The Legacy's floor boards main purpose is to provide a mounting surface for the rudder pedals at the expense of about 2 inches of floor space. The overhead mounting of the Starflight Rudder Pedals eliminate the floor boards and allow pilots to stretch their legs out underneath the pedals.

This photo is of the prototype pedals in Ron Jones' Blue Streak Legacy. Note that the production pedals have a different foot pedal shape and the brake lines run forward rather than exit the master cylinders facing the pilot.


Aluminum 6061
, Hard anodized

Weight: 8 lbs
Width: 15 in
Height: 10 in
Depth: 18 in

Fore/aft range of adjustment: 6 in
Precision bearings all moving parts

Master cylinders: Starflight Grove Master Cylinders (Not included)

Rudder cables not included.

Rudder Pedal Mechanism 3 View Drawing

Starflight Rudder Pedals

Order your Starflight Legacy Rudder Pedals today. For dual controls, be sure to order two rudder pedal mechanisms.

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