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Lancair Legacy in flight at sunrise
Other Lancair Legacy Rudder Pedal Options
Rudder and brake control mechanisms are flight critical for taxi, take off, and landing. In order for a pilot to achieve his best and safest performance, the rudder pedals need to align comfortably to his feet and legs, and provide precise, smooth control.

Lancair Adjustable Floor Mounted Rudder Pedal Weaknesses

  • Requires 2" raised floor boards that reduce leg room significantly
  • Engine mount gussets limit maximum leg extension positioning
  • Cable S-tubes and support structure interference with feet
  • Too much friction in mechanism
  • Mechanism on floor is unattractive
  • Can not get feet around pedals to stretch your legs


Lancair Overhead Fixed Rudder Pedal Weaknesses

  • Width too small for big feet -- only 4.25" (~ size 10 shoe) between master cylinder and pedal support shaft when applying toe brakes
  • Only ground maintenance adjustable -- not in flight
  • Can not customize to each pilot's preference -- applies same adjustment to both sides
  • Can not be positioned for maximum legroom, closer to firewall, because of canopy gas strut interference

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