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Lancair Legacy in flight at sunrise

Starflight Flightline Air Conditioning

Developed in partnership with Flightline AC, a leader in aircraft air conditioning for experimental aircraft, the Starflight Flightline Air Conditioning System makes your cockit cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. This high performance light weight system (43 lbs) fits totally behind the seats – there’s no P-51 type air scoop to slow you down and ruin the Legacy's beautiful lines, no engine driven compressor with brackets and cowling mod's, and no competition for space behind your instrument panel. Yet, arctic cool air is delivered in high volumes right in front of the pilot and passenger. In the winter, the system removes exhaled moisture from the air and prevents blinding condensation on the canopy. And, should you have a mission where you need additional payload capability, you can remove the entire system in less than 5 minutes! This system really eliminates many negatives of having an aircraft AC system.

The system should be easily integrated in most two seat aircraft. A ducting kit and finishing options are available for the Lancair Legacy.

Lancair Legacy Installation Shown

Starflight AC in Cockit

Six air conditioning vents on cockpit side walls provide arctic cold air to the pilots
Entire air conditioning system housed behind seats.

Starflight AC System

Exposed air conditioning system components
AC system behind seats, plenty of room for cargo
AC Ducting
AC System Exposed
Cockpit sidewall AC ducting
View with seat back access panels removed

Arctic cold air from six vents in front of pilots
Entire system behind seats, in cargo compartment
Removeable in less than 5 minutes
Weighs only 43 lbs
Quiet operation
No drag from air scoop to slow you down
No equipment on engine
No equipment behind instrument panel

System Requirments
28V electrical system
50A load allocated to AC system
Two 6" ambient air access holes in belly for condenser

Starflight Flightline AC System Contents

Integrated Condenser Compressor Package
Evaporator and blower
Control panel
Six arctic air vents
SCAT tubing
Electrical harness
Associated Hardware
Illustrated Installation Guide

Basic Kit Price

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Optional Accessories

AC Ducting

Lancair Legacy Sidewall Ducting Kit

Custom fit, light weight ducting for the Lancair legacy -- left and right sides


AC System

Optional Close Out Panel for Lancair Legacy

Finish off your system with this stylish curved close out panel ready for upholstry. Lancair Legacy installation show -- but, probably useable in other two seat, side by side aircraft.



Close Out Panel

Optional Lancair Legacy Cockpit Sidewall Panels

Enormously simplify your Legacy's upholstry work with these custom cockpit sidewall panels that provide smooth clean fit over the uneven side wall structures.
Panel shipped with out AC vent blisters. The blisters are created by the builder to custom fit to their installation, instructions included.



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