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Lancair Legacy in flight at sunrise

Starflight Legacy Options offers custom design options for builders of the Lancair Legacy -- the amazing experimental airplane designed by the fine folks at Lancair.

Starflight Rudder Pedals
These rudder pedals have been designed and optimized for the Lancair Legacy though they are easy to integrate with many other aircraft. They are overhead mounted, pilot adjustable and provide very precise, smooth rudder and brake control. The overhead mounting eliminates the need for floor boards and significantly improves pilot leg room. Pilots can even stretch out their legs, passing underneath the pedals, on those long flights. Pilots of all sizes can easily adjust for leg length by turning a small crank just behind the instrument panel. Brake master cylinders are not included. Various anodizing colors are available to allow pilots and builders to customize their rudder pedals with the interior color scheme of their aircraft. Choose from silver/clear, gold, blue, red, or black. Gold anodized pedals are shown in the photo.

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Gold Rudder Pedals Installed
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Starflight Legacy Cockpit
This is way more than a new instrument panel, it’s a new cockpit! The beautiful lines on the outside of the Legacy inspired this creation for the inside. The 21st century styling provides a smooth, open, soft feel to the cockpit. No more sharp corners hitting your shins. The instrument panel even tilts out for easy maintenance access. Kit includes new center console, instrument panel, glare shield, glare shield attachment flange, and associated hardware.

Our new open panel design accommodates large EFIS screens and more instrument layout flexibility than the dedicated center radio stack style.

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Starflight Flightline Air Conditioning
Developed in partnership with Flightline AC, a leader in aircraft air conditioning for experimental aircraft, the Starflight Flightline Air Conditioning System makes your cockit cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. This high performance light weight system (43 lbs) fits totally behind the seats – there’s no P-51 type air scoop to slow you down and ruin the Legacy's beautiful lines, no engine driven compressor with brackets and cowling mod's, and no competition for space behind your instrument panel. Yet, arctic cool air is delivered in high volumes right in front of the pilot and passenger. In the winter, the system removes exhaled moisture from the air and prevents blinding condensation on the canopy. And, should you have a mission where you need additional payload capability, you can remove the entire system in less than 5 minutes! This system really eliminates many negatives of having an aircraft AC system.

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AC System Photo
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Starflight Grove Brake Master Cylinders
These are the highest quality brakemaster cylinders and specially designed for optimal performance of the Starflight Rudder Pedals.

These master cylinders are manufactured by Grove Aircraft Systems, a world leader in aircraft braking systems for certified and experimental aircraft. The shafts are machined from Stainless Steel 17-4 for higher strength and corrosion resistance. The interior of the Grove cylinders are roller burnished for polished mirrored surfaces that are harder and last longer in service.


Starflight Throttle Quadrant
This stylish, precision throttle quadrant was custom designed for Starflight’s Lancair Legacy Cockpit though it can be easily incorporated in other aircraft. The throttle quadrant comes with four levers – throttle, propeller, mixture, and a fourth control for ram air, turbocharger, or parking brake.  The throttle quadrant is easily reconfigured for 3, 2, or 1 lever for conventional or FADEC systems using appropriate sized spacers included. Top quality, all aluminum construction -- even the knobs are machined from aluminum and anodized for correct color. Special no fatigue friction control system.  Requires at least 3.5” console width for installation.  Polished levers and throttle knob.  Throttle knob available anodized black.
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Throttle quadrant 2009 model photo
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Starflight Circuit Breaker Panel
This remote circuit breaker panel saves valuable instrument panel space. The low current circuit breakers should be attached to the V grooved area of the circuit breaker panel. The flat section is meant for the higher current circuit breakers needed for components like the hydraulic pump. The panels are delivered with a flange around the perimeter to enable various options for mounting. The photo at right has had all its flange trimmed off. Click here for more info.


Starflight Glare Shield Mounting Flange
This part bonds to the fuselage cockpit opening’s forward edge to provide a flange for mounting the instrument panel glare shield. It provides a very clean, professional finish for the instrument panel glare shield/dust cover. Click here for more info.


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